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Millennials are described as those who were born between 1983–1996, or roughly those who came of age in the early 2000s. They were heavily affected by the 2008 U.S. financial crisis, which has stymied their wage growth and economic security, being the first generation to join the workforce since that event. But just as generations before them have faced adversity, Millennials have risen above it all as tech savvy, innovative, and adaptive individuals. As the largest generation after the Baby Boomers, they will soon dominate the career world. It is vital that work sectors prepare themselves for this new cultural landscape. So how can the workplace attract Millennials? How can they create jobs for Millennials? And what should Millennials be aware of when investing their time and qualifications? In two words: trust and flexibility.

A top recruitment organization BrainWorks states that “74 percent of Millennials want flexible work schedules. The up-and-coming generations also want the chance to work remotely, rather than drive to a traditional office”. Their perspective is that working should have to fit around their lives, not their lives having to be scheduled around work. It ultimately comes down to feeling cynical and distrustful of the economic stability of the U.S. since they had to take on random work to get by after 2008. Hence, they form their identity around other aspects of their lives. This is in direct opposition to prior generations. By making the freelance/gig job market out of necessity, that sort of ‘choose your own hours/projects’ model became such a habit that this flexibility is now an aspect of their persona and the identifying characteristic of any jobs for Millennials.

Importance of flexible work schedules for Millennials

However, this lure of adaptability is not just for how they receive wages but for also what they do to earn them. For a Millennial, variety is the spice of life. Career counselor Justin Reynolds argues that “When you allow your employees to work on many different kinds of projects — including some that fall outside of their departments — they learn new things and gain experience outside their wheelhouse”. As a generation that grew up with a barrage of new technology and attention-deficit medication, there is an almost phobic flinching against boredom. This has an upside though: it is proof of a willingness to learn and an embracing of responsibility. Millennials have an expectation that careers have a shelf life and they need to constantly strengthen their personal brand, so they take the time to develop their versatility.

An important point to remember is that unlike prior generations, Millennials do not feel an allegiance toward a workplace. A job title is a footnote, but not the focus of their identity. Historically, many Americans would stay with a company for 30+ years, grow with that specific company, and even experience identity formation from that company culture. This is not the reality for Millennials: they have to experience personhood outside of the corporate environment and embrace an almost transient lifestyle. Millennials do, however, hold a deep desire to connect to people though, so IdeasUnlimited has chosen to stand out by reframing the conversation. Instead of placing emphasis on loyalty to the workplace when we offer jobs for Millennials, we frame it as a duty to society: connect with others so they can achieve higher goals. This isn’t just an economic organization but a team. Tiny Pulse’s Engagement Report revealed the coworkers are the number one thing employees like about their jobs. For a Millennial, a business is just a constructed building. But a team is a bond that overcomes that and can still hold over vast distances. IdeasUnlimited works almost exclusively with a remote context, yet I’ve never experienced a closer knit. This is due in large part to the emphasis on consistent communication and a lack of automation.

It’s vital that any organization makes Millennials feel important and valued. This means making it clear that you want to personally invest in them, because you see them making tremendous strides in the company and that they have potential to climb the ladder. No one is going to stick with a path that leads to a dead end. IdeasUnlimited is staying ahead of the curve by creating jobs for Millennials where workers can develop new projects. Our workers are able to move onto projects from a variety of fields, continually empowering them with new skills and creative control—building their remote careers everyday. This responsibility is reflexive of us trusting in your qualifications and trusting that we know how to hire the right people for the job. And this promise to grow with integrity pays off in dividends: 60% of Millennials would rather work somewhere that offered professional development than one that offered regular pay raises. This shows just how starved this generation is for a place that sees potential and value in them.

Importance of professional development for Millennials

Luckily, IdeasUnlimited is committed to creating such a remote work culture through our jobs for Millennials. We look forward to handing you awards to recognize your achievements and making a space where YOU can flourish!

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