Stay at Home Parents

At IdeasUnlimited we recognize that parents have to find a work-family life balance and have different career needs at different stages of their lives. Find the best jobs for stay at home moms and dads with flexible or part time hours scheduled around what works best for you and your families. Our goal is to enable families to get a work-life balance, with parents more available to their children as compared to a traditional office job from 9 to 5. Best of all, they can still build their remote careers with the career growth opportunities provided to them.

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Job Options at IU

Join the IU Family and find the best jobs for stay at home moms and dads. As a work at home mom or dad, you can choose part time remote jobs or work for flexible hours, depending on what best suits your current needs.

Part Time Remote Jobs

Have challenging and rewarding part time remote jobs and call center jobs, when your children are at day-care, school, or asleep. Since we work with clients all over the globe and offer 24 hour support services, we can accommodate early morning or late night shift timings too. These would be the best jobs for stay at home moms and dads of toddlers and slightly older children.

Flexible Hours

If your family responsibilities do not allow you to commit to pre-set shift timings, you can work flexible hours, either doing project-based work or completing a designated number of hours.

Project-Based Work

The hours will be variable, with the job complete when all the deliverables of the project are complete. This work can be website development, bookkeeping, social media management, content writing, or a range of other tasks.

Designated Number of Hours

You will have to complete a designated number of hours daily, weekly, or monthly, but on your own schedule. These flexible positions would prove to be the best jobs for stay at home moms and dads of children with irregular sleep and play schedules.

Testimonials of Working Mothers at IU

Being in IU for over 4 years now is something I'll always be grateful for. To be a hands-on parent while being successful in your career is not easy...but the support and appreciation that I got from IU from the beginning until now is just beyond my expectations. They made me grow, persevere, and succeed in my online career. I'm thankful and will always be a proud member of IU!


I’ve been with IU since May 2013 and working from home has been the most fulfilling job I have had. Being a mom, I can’t sacrifice my responsibility as a parent when working outside, so IU has been great in helping me fulfill this career. I hope to stay longer and to be a model for all the moms out there who aspire to work from home!


``Flexible Family Focused Environment``
Scheduling is flexible, and supervising staff respects and honors personal obligations. Everyone works as a team to alleviate stress off of each other or to meet a deadline. Because IU is growing, there is a lot of opportunity for personal career growth, and to own a position and form it to fit an individual purpose.


I started as a Virtual Assistant one year ago with IdeasUnlimited. Last year I didn't have the courage to work online and by the guidance of our Almighty God, I stepped out of my comfort zone and looked for another opportunity. I am a working Mom and a Team Leader now. After acquiring my degree in 2013, I worked for two different companies and I found myself happy. But by the time that I have worked with IdeasUnlimited I can say has been the happiest and most progressive moment in my career life. IdeasUnlimited unleashed the best version in me and made me realize that it's possible to balance my personal and my work life. I super love and cherish IdeasUnlimited. Thank you, Nick and Allena, for the continued support and for the opportunities that you've shared with me and my colleagues.


For many years, I've worked abroad. Being a single mom, it was hard for me to be away from home, especially from my kids, but I had no choice because there were no job opportunities here in my hometown.
But then I found IdeasUnlimited through a friend, and I was so happy. Not only am I able to work close to my home and be here for my kids, at the same time, I am able to work on a job that fits my skillset.
Being the breadwinner, I am able to provide for my family, and most of all, I am able to give them my time. This is why I am so grateful that I found IdeasUnlimited.


I must say IdeasUnlimited truly is an inclusive and forward looking workplace. It has a very positive and cooperative environment which certainly motivates and facilitates the workers.
From Director, Shahzad, to HR Manager, Mehwish, Operations Manager, Shakira, and all team members, each and everyone is supportive and personally I have never had any trouble coordinating despite my flexible schedule. Thank you IdeasUnlimited for creating a culture of opportunities and growth!


I just wanted to emphasize that being here, being in this company, I feel at home. I feel I have gained my self-worth again just by being surrounded by people who treat you as part of a family. That helps a lot. So, for me as a single mom with depression and anxiety, with this BPO company, I have found my home. The people here I call my family, and this place is where I'm happiest.