Mike joined the IU family six years back in 2013. Upon another worker’s recommendation, Mike was introduced to Nick, CEO IdeasUnlimited, when he was venturing into part time remote jobs. He began as a cold caller.

IdeasUnlimited recognized and valued the potential and incredible strength that Mike showed under his circumstances. Mike was given a chance to prove himself at work without taking his professional life a toll on his personal situation. It was this affirmation from the IdeasUnlimited Family that helped him get things back on track and moderate his life towards betterment.

Standing Against the Storms

2013 was a critical time for Philippines and Mike and his family were no exception. Mike and his wife were already juggling between work hours and family time. Their two-year-old son hardly got to spend time with his parents as both were working full time in the corporate world to make ends meet. The child had to stay with either of his grandparents while his parents struggled to improve their own lives.

They had just moved out on their own and were toiling to build for themselves a modest lifestyle they had always dreamed of—a cosy little house of their own, good schooling for the child, and a consistent stream of income. Don’t we all dream on the same lines? Mike and his wife were already working very hard to meet their goals and, in the process, they were missing out the important milestones of their baby boy. He was growing fast while his parents were exerting themselves to get things going.

And at this precarious stage of their lives, the Philippine islands were hit by Yolanda or the Haiyan typhoon. Among numerous others, Mike and his wife found themselves homeless and helpless within a blink of an eye. Their house was smashed, and belongings were swept away. They were left with nothing but each other. They had to start all over again to build and settle their own household. This time it wasn’t just from scratch, it was from debris.

Typhoon Yolanda Facts

In November 2013, Philippines was hit by typhoon Haiyan, locally called Yolanda. It brushed devastation all through the Philippines. More than 7000 people lost their lives while 1.9 million people were left homeless.

In the following days, as the number of displaced people and refugees to surroundings grew, there came outbreaks of viral infections—dehydration and diarrhea being the most common ailments. There was a lack of sanitation, food, water, shelter and medication. Moreover, due to insufficient relief efforts immediately after, and inaccessibility to the damaged areas, relief trucks and grocery stores were often looted. Most of the survivors were badly injured or too traumatized to resume work or even a normal life.

The estimated cost of the typhoon for Philippines was $14 billion.

WHO classified Yolanda as level 3 disaster, which is the same as 2010 Haiti earthquake and 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami (Boxing Day Tsunami).

Survivors reported to have seen metal, wood and glass debris in the air. The destruction of these strong winds was absolute.

It was such a time of despair and hopelessness that survivors were just taking it one day at a time, not knowing if they will see the next day or not.

This natural calamity had taken away their worldly possessions but not their strength of survival. In order to rebuild, Mike and his wife needed time off from work and that is when their corporate life also proved fragile. As much as they needed leave to restart, their company wouldn’t allow a longer break for things to get settled.

Yolanda was an eye opener and showed them the unpredictability of life. Mike decided to set his priorities straight and focus on getting things right according to what mattered to him the most. For the new beginnings, Mike was not willing to sacrifice his time with his family to earn a living. In those distressing times, Mike rose above despair and took control of his personal as well as professional lives. He decided on doing remote work—joining IdeasUnlimited and determined more than ever to manage his career without sacrificing his relationships and quality family time.

Mike’s Journey with IdeasUnlimited

Mike started with communication skills as his strongest suit but then soon realized that where remote work brings in a lot of flexibility and freedom, it mandates a firm grip of various specialized skills simultaneously. Mike is grateful to his IdeasUnlimited Family and the recruitment team, who helped him stay on board and work on improving his skill set. He was never benched but placed on new projects as they came along. This trust in his abilities and resilience motivated him to let go of all confusions, what ifs, and thoughts of failure.

With a few exceptions, Mike found his transition from traditional work to remote work smooth. He can see himself growing leaps and bounds with IdeasUnlimited. He has become resourceful because of the independence that comes with remote work and constant guidance and support from the IdeasUnlimited management team.

Currently, he is working for a long-term client Tim through the IdeasUnlimited platform. Tim has proved to be a thoughtful and considerate client. Mike is glad that IdeasUnlimited has matched him to a client who maximizes on his specialized skills and has been patient while Mike worked on acquiring new skills to perform better. Mike struggled initially with task deadlines and understanding the scope of his work. However, he is in a much better position today to deliver effectively on all tasks assigned to him.

Mike knows he cannot have the same client forever, but this has been such a pleasant experience for him that Tim will always have a special place in his memories.

Mike believes, along with other skills, his commitment to work and punctuality, and reliability and consistency on the account has earned him an excellent feedback from the client. No matter how manageable things are for Mike now, he is still very passionate about his work and enjoys working as a Virtual Assistant. His tasks vary every day, and he enjoys the fast-paced yet rewarding nature of his career.

And the Smiles Continue…

Mike’s adorable boy is 8 years old now. With his mother’s constant guidance and supervision, he is a star student at school. His parents are together seeing him grow and are thoroughly thrilled by the experience. They are now expecting their second baby and can’t wait to revel in this miracle of life. Mike’s wife is a stay-at-home mom while Mike is a full time remote worker engaged in one of the best stay at home jobs available to him.

They do not have to miss on life’s bigger things just because they have chosen to provide well for their progeny. Mike gets to spend more time with his family and does not worry about taking a day off for special occasions or just for having a LIFE outside work. He can now enjoy it as it happens; he is free to live the moments and to cherish his family bonding.

Mike has been a consistent worker and has grown tremendously over the years. He has become proficient at handling multiple tasks and varied situations. He has potential of achieving much more and IdeasUnlimited is determined to always be his support system.

IdeasUnlimited values and empowers its workers and makes every possible effort to support them in optimally channeling their skills to grow professionally.

It aspires to offer its workers an environment that is rooted in mutual growth and success, support and wellbeing. And Mike has shown how a conducive and supportive work environment can brighten the future of a dedicated worker.

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