Remote Work Creating Job Opportunities for the Physically Challenged

Due to the high employment opportunities in metropolitan cities and the dire lack of jobs in rural areas, most workers have no choice but to travel to these cities regularly. The biggest problem faced by workers today is the daily commute to workplaces in these cities. This is even harder for disabled people who may not have the right means to travel to work. Public transport is a nightmare to anyone facing a physical challenge and even getting to a job interview can be an insurmountable obstacle for some.

As a result, such workers have limited opportunities of employment and even if they do find suitable jobs for disabled people, it becomes hard for them to hold onto them. The unemployment rate for disabled people was 8.0 percent in 2018, more than twice the rate of those with no disability (3.7 percent) as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, with the possibility of fruitful careers through remote work, job opportunities for them exponentially increase. The Internet, globalization, and smart devices have created legitimate jobs for disabled people. Working from home has undoubtedly opened new doors for solving the issue of unemployment, especially for those who are physically challenged.

Remote work has gained more popularity with time due to its numerous benefits to people. Firstly, it does not require much; all a worker needs is a computer with an internet access and a quiet workplace at their home. Secondly, it can help them utilize their skills and build remote careers while earning a good amount of money.

There are different forms of disabilities and not all workplaces can accommodate them. Making an office building and workspace accessible to disabled people calls for investment that not many companies are willing to undertake. Working from the comfort from their homes, these workers are now able to find work that suit their skillsets and work experiences. One of the major obstacles preventing them from being able to work—accessibility of physical offices—is taken out of the equation. In addition, now they can apply for job vacancies anywhere in the world, broadening their prospects considerably.

Many online jobs have the flexibility of time that can help such workers deal with the limitations caused by their physical disability while earning a good income. Better yet, disabled people can learn new skills through online courses or augment the skills that they already have in order to qualify for new positions.

People who have a physical disability or have some chronic illness usually feel like they cannot achieve a lot, but the options for remote work can help them dream bigger and make the most out of their professional capabilities. They can focus on building themselves and their families a secure future instead of letting their disabilities act as a death knell to their goals. They can become productive, contributing members of the society.

There are innumerable options for who want to work online and especially people with special requirements:

  • They can start their careers as freelancers and grow from there.
  • They can do transcription jobs since they are in-demand and are not that physically challenging.
  • If workers are familiar with different languages, then they can leverage that competitive advantage to do multilingual jobs like translation and multilingual customer service.
  • They can also consider being virtual assistants and help manage work for their employers by creating their schedules, providing administrative support, and handling all their communication.
  • Furthermore, they can get customer service representative jobs and help solve customer queries.
  • Writing content, handling social media, and even digital marketing is done just as well remotely.
  • They can handle data entry and analysis, and handle accounting and bookkeeping remotely.

The opportunities are unlimited; the key is to find what fits them best.

In this modern work environment, there are innumerable remote work possibilities for disabled people. It is crucial that they understand the possibility of lucrative remote careers that are in no way less than office positions. Best of all, there are many platforms and companies that offer remote work opportunities.

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