Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs at IdeasUnlimited

If you have experience in a specific industry, and have great time management and communication skills, remote virtual assistant jobs might be the perfect fit for you. Your niche skills and administrative prowess might be just what is required to be a successful part time or full time remote virtual assistant.

The Skills You Need

The good news is, the skills you need to be successful as a remote virtual assistant are well within your grasp. With a little bit of discipline and practice, over time you can be a great remote virtual assistant. Some of the skills that can get you started in the field are:

Administrative Skills

Whether you use Google Calendar to manage your and your client’s time, Google Sheets to keep information handy when you need it, or Drive to keep track of template emails you send out on your client’s behalf, administrative skills are often a pre-requisite for remote virtual assistant jobs. All you need to do is sort out which application best fits with your personal style of working.

IdeasUnlimited helps all workers who work on our projects obtain G Suite access. We combine G Suite capabilities with productivity apps to ensure administrative efficacy. Trello, for example, is an app that helps you visualize your To-Do lists and attach files and comments so that you have a clear idea of what you have to do to complete a task efficiently. Other productivity apps like Asana can help you follow the lifetime of a project, making sure that you and your client are on the same page.

Communication Skills

A great remote virtual assistant communicates often, and effectively. It is imperative that your client knows exactly what you’re taking care of; therefore, you will need to communicate directly with them at an agreed-upon schedule. While your communication tools will vary from client to client, you can be certain of having to communicate both over call and in writing. Most remote virtual assistant jobs will require end-of-day updates. You can set up Skype calls, use Google Hangouts, and communicate via email.

Crafting concise yet informative emails is a skill; one you can hone through practice and training. Likewise, giving end-of-day updates via calls requires efficient communication. At IdeasUnlimited, we use several communication tools such as Skype and Slack. More importantly, we train you on how to utilize these tools for communicating with clients.

Typing Speed and Computer Literacy

Most remote virtual assistant jobs require a typing speed of 60+ words per minute. The higher that number is, the more desirable you are as a remote virtual assistant. To some people, 60+ words per minute might seem like an inordinately high speed, however, the only secret to typing speed is practice. Read a paragraph and replicate it; practice again and again, and soon it will lead you to remember exactly where the alphabets on your keypad lie. Free typing tests online can also help you gauge how much you need to improve.

Remote virtual assistant jobs, by nature of being remote, require a great deal of interaction via websites, software, and social media. Knowing the basics of WordPress, being adept at utilizing Microsoft Office tools, and being aware of how to navigate social networking sites—especially on behalf of businesses—are all necessary tools in your arsenal. When you get hired on an IdeasUnlimited project, we provide you Microsoft Office training so that you can complete client tasks to the best of your ability.

Specialized Skills

Remote virtual assistant jobs cover a range of duties, such as executive assistant tasks like filing and replying to emails, marketing, bookkeeping, order processing, transcription, and data entry. The good news is, there are tons of niches, and there are jobs available for whichever niche you occupy. At IdeasUnlimited, we assess your prior industry experience and match you to a project where you would provide the greatest value. Remote virtual assistants wear many hats; highlighting your specialized skills will make you more competitive in the marketplace.

Flexibility and Resourcefulness

As a remote virtual assistant, your success is down to how committed you are to going above and beyond to complete the tasks your client requires of you. You will often have to learn skills on the job or attempt things you have never done before. Therefore, you need to be flexible and resourceful. Google is your friend, as is YouTube.

At IdeasUnlimited, you will always have access to the project manager assigned to your project, who can guide you if a task seems outside the ambit of your skill base. However, flexibility must go hand in hand with managing expectations. If a client requires specialized work that you do not feel confident in delivering, your project manager can help you relay that to your client.

Jobs Available to You at IdeasUnlimited

At IdeasUnlimited, we hire remote virtual assistants in several industries. You can be a bilingual or multilingual remote virtual assistant, or your expertise could lie in ecommerce, marketing, or IT. Conversely, your experience could make you an ideal candidate for the medical, real estate, or legal fields.

We are always looking for committed, passionate individuals for remote virtual assistant jobs that open up at IdeasUnlimited. Get started with checking if your experience is a good fit for any of our job vacancies. Our job vacancies are updated every few days; so if you can’t find a job suited for your current skills, join our Talent Community and get contacted when any new vacancies become available.