We have curated a list of the 9 best careers for people with social anxiety for you.

Ever been called to outline an impromptu strategy for a new client? Been asked to talk about the topic under discussion in a school assembly? All of us have been through similar situations and we all experience a certain degree of awkwardness and self-consciousness when confronted by unexpected situations like these. However, people with social anxiety undergo considerably higher degrees of anxiety when they have to interact with others socially. Public speaking, initiating conversations, and making sales pitches push social anxiety sufferers too much out of their comfort zones.

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This can have a serious impact on work since this anxiety manifests in interactions at work as well. Avoidance of social interactions or even opting out of jobs that require some degree of interactions with others can seriously curtail work opportunities. On the other hand, you have to make sure to not opt for a job that makes you miserable by routinely throwing you into situations that make you uncomfortable.

So which jobs require contact with a limited number of people and thus provide the best careers for people with social anxiety? The best jobs are ones where the primary role is not based around social interactions, where you can thrive and this aspect of your personality ceases to be a drawback. They allow you to control the frequency and degree of social interaction, helping alleviate your social anxiety.

Here is our list of the 9 best jobs for people with social anxiety:

1. Writer

A writing job doesn’t need to be in a physical office and even at an office, you would be doing most of the work on your own. Best of all, you can choose from a range of different careers. There is blogging, technical writing, fiction or non-fiction writing, article writing, ghostwriting, editing, copywriting, research-based work, and much more. Since the pressure of social interaction gets eased when you are a writer, you can slowly expand your horizons by attending workshops, participating in online discussions, and meeting editors and other writers.

2. Bookkeeper or Accountant

You work semi-autonomously as a bookkeeper or accountant, only having to submit reports and discuss strategies periodically. You can also get highly paid opportunities as you gain experience and specialize in areas that are in high demand. The cherry on top: social interactions with colleagues and clients will help increase your confidence since you will be better informed of the accounting aspect than they are, giving you an edge of authority.

Computer Programmer--Jobs for People with Social Anxiety

3. Computer Programmer

Do you like working with computers? If you do, you simply need to cultivate your problem-solving and analytical skills by taking computer programming courses. You can opt for web design, mobile app development, full stack web development, software development, and much more. You will also get chances to work on your social skills in your interactions with clients and team members, all the while staying in your comfort zone. This is a job that lends itself most to telecommuting, freelance work, and remote work with clients from all over the globe. Your best bet is to find an understanding employer who values you for the skills that you bring to the table.

4. IT Specialist

You can also work as technical helpdesk support or a data analyst. Telecommuting is possible and you can even work for clients from the other corner of the world. So why is this one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety? It relies more on your command over a technical subject rather than your social skills and you can do your job solely over a phone line, via emails or chats.  You will also deal with a very wide range of situations in which you control the flow of the conversation, which will slowly and gradually alleviate your social anxiety.

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic design skills are always in high demand since they are necessary for any sales, marketing, and even client-management efforts. You can build your own style and focus on a niche, while learning new software applications. You can easily work from home for this job, telecommute for most of the time, or work independently in an office, qualifying it for this list of the best jobs for people with social anxiety. You don’t need to have many face-to-face meetings with clients; rather, you can contact them via phone, email, or chat.

6. Remote Virtual Assistant

These are ideal jobs for people with social anxiety since they require no in-person meetings and are not limited to office positions. You can apply for remote jobs with clients from all over the globe and build lucrative remote careers that offer professional advancement and skill growth. These are some remote virtual assistant jobs that you can opt for: administrative support assistant, translator and transcriber, data entry operator, ecommerce support assistant, social media management VA, marketing VA, etc.

7. Call Center Representative

Remote work opens up another avenue of jobs for people with social anxiety—stay at home call center representative jobs. You can become an omnichannel customer service representative or specialize in a few communication channels, you can handle appointment setting, work as a receptionist, or even provide bilingual or multilingual support. These jobs will give you some opportunity to practice your social skills, gradually becoming confident enough to recognize and minimize anxiety triggers. The only catch is ensuring productivity at full time remote jobs like these, but that can be easily handled.

Remote Work as Career Option for People with Social Anxiety

8. Medical Coder and Biller

You can apply for an office-based or remote position as a medical biller and coder or do any healthcare call center work that puts your medical knowledge to good use while also helping you earn well. You can provide medical administrative support, transcription service, EMR/EHR integration service, technical support for devices and machines, appointment-setting service, and do a lot more. All of these are good jobs for people with social anxiety, allowing them to excel in their areas of expertise.

9. Entrepreneur

You can even start your own venture. This would give you complete autonomy over your own tasks, and you can hire others to handle sales and client-facing work. You can manage your schedule and take time to handle and recover from high-stress situations, processing and aptly handling your social anxiety. Our CEO at IdeasUnlimited, Shahzad Yaqoob, opted for this route to handle his social anxiety while building a very lucrative remote career.

You can also become an affiliate partner and earn commissions by successfully referring clients or workers to organizations. You can even manage your own remote team and offer services to other clients. The opportunities are endless!

All these potential careers for people with social anxiety allow you to interact with colleagues, vendors, and clients but in low-stakes scenarios, where your work output is not dependent on the quality of rapport you create with them. You can then focus on your job and build highly rewarding careers without wondering if your social skills are holding you back. Best of all, you will not be settling for these jobs but rather, they will give you the confidence to improve your social interaction in a low-pressure environment. The work deliverables themselves will be challenging. Having said that, you are in no way limited to only these options. We have just collated them here to give you a good place to start.

Finding the right job will give you one area in your life where you no longer need to contend with you social anxiety triggers. You can then work on combatting them in other spheres of your life by finding and using a coping mechanism or treatment that works for you.

Do you suffer from social anxiety? Which jobs suit you best and which ones have you had in the past? Let us know in the comments down below.

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