Meet Rene — Going the Extra Mile All the Way from El Salvador


Rene has always been interested in customer service and virtual assistance. While looking for some extra work and side income to supplement his full-time job in El Salvador, he found an opportunity for remote work with IdeasUnlimited in 2016.

Rene’s Journey with IU

Starting with bilingual jobs, Rene began as a virtual assistant and gradually gained more projects from IdeasUnlimited.

After some time, sensing more possibilities for growth, Rene decided to quit his previous job and dedicate his full energy and time to projects and clients at IdeasUnlimited. It was not an easy transition, as it came with a vastly different workspace than a conventional office setup. It was a difficult decision for Rene, but one he is proud of today.

Rene recalls how Nick motivated him and guided him in the right direction to avoid cynicism and fear of failure. Eventually, Rene’s persistence and resolve were rewarded when he got more projects and responsibilities through IdeasUnlimited. The period of waiting patiently as he learned was now paying off in delivering better support services to the client and moving higher on the career bar.

IdeasUnlimited promoted Rene to Staffing Manager for the Central American region last year. He is very excited about the new opportunities for learning and growth that this position entails. He also understands the serious responsibility of recruiting his own teams for different budding projects and this makes him more resolute to provide exceptional support services to clients on behalf of IdeasUnlimited.

Presently, Rene is the Project Coordinator for an infrastructure solutions provider in the energy sector. The company has partnered with Schneider Electric and provides UPS and batteries, generators and HVAC, along with installation, maintenance and support services to many private and government agencies.

Rene helps their employees with internal coordination and communication. While the internal staff focuses on performing their core business activities, Rene and his team undertake operational support and backend support tasks—email correspondence, researching and reaching out to potential customers, coordination with vendors and documenting contracts, reports and other records. All these services are offered both in Spanish and English.

Rene has emerged as a leader and mentor within this role. He has learned to monitor and supervise his team. He is keen to improve his leadership skills and is never hesitant to take advice from the IdeasUnlimited HR department about managing team shifts, handling recruitment and training issues, and implementing IdeasUnlimited Rules and Policies for better productivity.

Rene is an avid learner, a committed worker, and one of the most disciplined members of the IdeasUnlimited Family. He is punctual and humble. He reaches out when he needs guidance and welcomes all support and suggestions.

And the (S)Miles Continue…

IdeasUnlimited works incessantly to provide a professional work environment to all its team members so that they can achieve their goals and experience professional as well as personal development. From the attendance policy to overseas remote staff handbooks, all guidelines and manuals are to train and induct the team members and help them become robust remote workers in today’s evolving workspaces. The support provided to grasp, learn, and apply new knowledge and techniques does help bring out the best in the workers.

Rene believes that all the training, motivation and guidance from IdeasUnlimited has allowed him to make things more streamlined for himself at work. This is how Rene provides results to clients and smiles his way to a higher level of professional actualization.

IdeasUnlimited is appreciative of Rene’s progress. As a proud family, we all look forward to Rene and his team growing in leaps and bounds while growing their remote careers.

IdeasUnlimited provides remote work opportunities to skilled and hardworking candidates from all over the world—hiring solely based on merit.

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About IdeasUnlimited

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