How Working with IdeasUnlimited Brought Many Smiles to South Cotabato, Philippines


One of our Staffing Managers, Allena Cruz, is from Polomolok — a municipality in the southern part of the South Cotabato province, Philippines. Polomolok is a progressive and peaceful municipality, where agro-based industries and businesses are more common owing to the fertile soil and favorable climate all year round.

Allena joined IdeasUnlimited (IU) in 2015 as a call center agent and since then has never looked back. She has grown tremendously with the company and appreciates the trust placed in her abilities.

She believes IdeasUnlimited provided her a whole new avenue of opportunities in her rural locality where she and her agents now work with international clients in a professional work environment and receive a more competitive remuneration package than their counterparts in the call center industry in Philippines.

Year-End Party at IdeasUnlimited Philippines Center

Allena's Journey with IU

Allena earned a decade of experience working as a call center agent in the bigger cities of Philippines, but in 2015 she decided it was time for her to return to her family. Her hometown is to the south of Polomolok, which offers limited facilities in terms of infrastructure and urban connectivity. Therefore, employment options are also very limited. Allena was not deterred by the odds, so she returned and began her search for a home-based job as a Customer Service Representative through different online portals.

Allena’s tenure with IdeasUnlimited began when she joined in 2015 as a Customer Service Representative. She started with a six-hour shift and one account. Allena’s focus was career growth, which she did not experience in her previous places of employment. As opposed to that, at IdeasUnlimited she could see her dream for higher roles and responsibility coming true.

Allena did her best with the first account she was handling. She assisted the client in growing his business from scratch such that a team of 35-40 call center agents was required to support the new influx of customers. Her dedication and hard work were instantly recognized by the management at IdeasUnlimited and she was soon promoted to the position of Customer Services Manager. Allena credits IU as being “the only company who believed in me and helped me enhance my potential to lead”.

As the business grew, Allena’s responsibilities extended and so did the opportunity window. She started with one account and with time gained multiple accounts and became the project manager. Eventually, she was given the responsibility to hire and manage her own team for providing review management, social media management, and brand image management. When IU proposed her that she should establish her own call center, she was quick to grab this offer and her reasons were not just personal but also altruistic.

IU and especially Nick (Shahzad Yaqoob) stood staunchly behind Allena’s vision and helped her take care of early set up expenses and provided technical solutions and ideas to establish the call center.

Creating call center representative jobs in a small town in Philippines

It was never easy to set up a call center in a small town, but Allena’s determination and hard work paid off when she set up one of the first call centers with an optic fiber connection in her hometown.

Today she holds the position of Staffing Manager for the South Cotabato region. There are more than 50 agents under her wing, including Team Leads and Subject Matter Heads. Each call center agent performs his/her best to deliver 24/7 support services to IdeasUnlimited clients all over the world. More specifically, her team is an all-rounder workforce that efficiently delivers customer service, virtual assistance, technical support, omnichannel support, call center support, and online brand image management services. Her project teams cater to varied clients in different industries—from popular international clothing brands like PatPat to social media management agencies like SMM International.

Allena’s center provides employment opportunities to the local populace of Polomolok. These working adults would have otherwise traveled long distances or moved to bigger cities to find suitable work and support their families.

Call Center Representative Jobs at IdeasUnlimited

Allena has been able to help this segment of Polomolok’s working population by bringing them a platform to utilize their skills and talents and develop new expertise while staying closer to their homes. She appreciates the responsibility she has been given and understands the trust that the management has in her capabilities. Resultantly, she has become more resolute to spread this love and energy around her.

She believes in hiring based on merit, providing equal opportunities to all, and pursuant to IdeasUnlimited recruitment policies, Allena hires each call center agent without any discrimination based on age, gender, religion or beliefs, origin, race or ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Allena and her team place a special emphasis on facilitating and supporting working mothers in their workspace.

IU agents under Allena’s tutelage are not only mentored and trained to perform at their best, their potential is duly recognized by promotions. IdeasUnlimited believes in investing in its workforce, so the IU Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) assists her agents in overcoming any difficulties they are facing with their projects.

Allena understands the power of appreciation and rewards in motivating workers and maintaining a happy and satisfied call center support team. She believes even small treats to celebrate minor milestones go a long way in creating a happy workplace.

Her call center workers surely get a major share of company appreciation based on their consistent performance, dedication, and hard work. Their efforts are always recognized by the company management in the form of company-sponsored team-building and annual events, appreciation certificates, regular annual increments, and performance-based bonuses.

Allena's policy of rewarding agents for achieving goals – The IU Way

And the Smiles Continue…

Nick (Shahzad Yaqoob) holds Allena in high esteem

At IdeasUnlimited, we believe in collective growth. A company grows only as its team grows. IdeasUnlimited values its workers and makes every possible effort to help them optimally channel their skills and gain new expertise to grow professionally.

Just like our worker Allena Cruz, who presents an honest picture of The IdeasUnlimited Impact: results, growth and smiley faces 🙂 !

Allena believes that joining IU has been a blessing for her and today she shares this blessing with those around her. Allena’s work experience with IdeasUnlimited is a classic example of how educated women, once in the workforce, can bring prosperity around them and aid in the economic betterment of their community.

Under the flagship of IdeasUnlimited, Allena has not only grown professionally but has also influenced change and has helped her town develop economically and socially. She has become a source of employment for many, while creating prospects for Polomolok to become a part of an expanding global business world.

IdeasUnlimited is proud of Allena’s achievements and cannot wait to see her conquer more!

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