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Shahzad Yaqoob (aka Nick) is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a family man, and a human being with a strong resolve. He has traveled across the oceans and built a remote career for himself, despite dealing with acute social anxiety.

He is the founder and CEO of IdeasUnlimited, a business support services providing firm that is headquartered in Houston, Texas. It is an award-winning company that not only offers an equal-opportunity professional work environment but also rewarding remote careers for all the workers involved.

Self-discipline, audacious goals, and a strong drive can help you succeed despite any odds, and Shahzad proved that in quite a short time. He has become an inspiration for all those who know him in a professional capacity.

A chat with him revealed his struggles with social anxiety and how he overcame them. More so, it highlighted his relentless efforts to build a company that provides lucrative opportunities to skilled workers from all over the world— the IdeasUnlimited Family. Read on to find out how he built this company.

Social Anxiety and Remote Work

Social anxiety magnifies the daily struggles required to meet your day to day expectations as a family member and a worker. It impacts a worker’s life as soon as the day starts—commuting to work, meeting colleagues, deadlines, the office environment, all exacerbate the condition.

It takes dedicated effort to find the right way of managing your anxiety, and things become much harder when you face your triggers on a daily basis. However, it is not financially or professionally feasible to leave the workforce till you are able to healthily manage your anxiety.

Remote work has been a huge blessing for workers that face social, physical, or geographic constraints in pursuing their dream careers.

Shahzad is one such success story—someone who dealt with and rose above acute social anxiety, all the while building a lucrative remote career. He had been struggling with acute social anxiety since his teenage years, but in 2010, it began to have a crippling effect on his social and professional lives. He was so perturbed that he could not contemplate any solution other than ending everything, including his life.

There was a time when I wanted to quit my regular call center job, my MBA, and even my life to combat social anxiety. I didn’t know remote work had a lot of opportunities for people who are motivated to make a living but are constrained due to any personal circumstances.

Soon after he left his regular job, he got recruited for a part time remote job as an outbound caller. Halfheartedly, he accepted it, but then soon realized the opportunities that remote work could offer. He began to explore more options, building a reputable profile, and asking his friends to assist him on projects so he could take on more work.

It gave me hope and that was a big thing… remote work can give you time to settle. You can explore the possibility of making likeminded friends or exploring other avenues of tackling social anxiety, or any other psychological or physical limitation you might have.

Shahzad’s brother, Shahid Yaqoob, was a constant source of support and encouragement in this journey towards an alternative career. He recognized Shahzad’s potential and guided him well at every step.

Over time Shahzad trained himself to stay calm and not let anxious thoughts take over his decision-making ability. He did not let minor initial hiccups prevent him from succeeding in the remote work arena. And quitting was never an option.

His dream has never been to succeed alone; it has always been about allowing people suffering in any way to find HOPE for their future. His own struggle has helped him relate to those who are in the same boat, so he wants to enable others to find remote work opportunities as well. He works hard every day to foster a professional work environment where skilled workers assist established clients from all over the globe.

Knowing and having gone through such feelings [anxiety] and then finding remote work, which helped me gain my confidence back in life, has convinced me to show this path to others as well… I cannot just sit back and not do it.

IdeasUnlimited Making Lives Better

In 2010, Shahzad took his brother’s advice and registered his company in USA. He worked day and night and built his credibility in the remote work industry, while continuing to build his team. Despite all hurdles, he stayed consistent and expanded his business to hundreds of workers from Philippines, Pakistan, India, USA, South America, and Europe.

I have been running this business remotely for nine years now! I manage call center locations myself in Karachi (Pakistan) and Houston (USA), and then have partners run several call center locations in the Philippines.

Shahzad initially faced the common issues of recruiting and managing remote workers. However, IdeasUnlimited has now developed a very effective recruitment and management process that facilitates competent workers in achieving the results expected by the clients.

IU has safeguards in place to ensure that there is no discrimination at any stage of this recruitment process. It also has recruitment programs for the special workforce—people with social anxiety or any physical disability, veterans, stay at home moms and dads, and students. Shahzad proudly promotes an inclusive workplace for anyone who wants to build a remote career.

IdeasUnlimited in the Future

IdeasUnlimited is one of the highest-ranking companies for remote contracts, winning recognition on Clutch Awards and The Manifest. Shahzad Yaqoob has been successful in creating an organization that has commendable work ethics and quality of service while prioritizing the growth of its workers’ remote careers.

IdeasUnlimited gives hope to all the skilled workers in the labor force today—they too can work with a vibrant, growing company that offers them avenues of advancement. It is in an organization that values and builds its success with people, without discriminating against or benching someone for something beyond their control. Most importantly, it offers millennials the chance to choose both their lifestyle and workstyle.

Shahzad says his mother, wife, and kids gave him the impetus to keep working towards his goals. He also credits his team’s dedicated efforts for gradually making his vision a reality. He is especially thankful to Khurram, Mehwish, Kanwal, and Allena, who have been with him for most of IU’s journey.

He wants to take the company forward in a way that it is rewarding for all those involved.

I want my company to be known for creating “remote careers” rather than just small gigs here and there, and this is what I have done so far. Many of the workers are still with us, enjoying an upward remote career and improved lives. They are the IU Family!

Shahzad often talks about mutual growth and giving back to society. He frequently initiates discussions about global social and economic concerns on the company’s platforms, in order to find solutions to major world problems. He envisions an inclusive company that provides opportunities for those with talent and one that sponsors education for orphans and the less fortunate all over the world.

He has learnt the art of balancing life and work and not taking anything for granted, learning to employ healthy ways of controlling his social anxiety. Through his company, he is helping others strive for this balance as well, by believing in their strengths and giving them opportunities to better their lives. At IU, he welcomes workers from all backgrounds and embraces their limitations, as long as they are passionate about working.

You can find a detailed insight into IdeasUnlimited’s CEO here. Find out about his struggles and diligent hard work, through which he improved the lives of so many workers around the world. We look forward to your thoughts in the comments below.

The IdeasUnlimited Family — Nick's Success Story


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