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The personal touch. TLC. Individualized services. What do these words all have in common? They all connote an ideal of personalized attention to alleviate a stressor, almost a luxury. Yet this value can exist in the local office and we need to look no further than IdeasUnlimited! We’re not in the business of conveyor belt, one-size-fits-all quality. It’s not our style. Instead, our call centers are more like family and our recruiters cultivate one-on-one interactions with all candidates. No cold, personless, automated system here: we handpick the best fit for our team. So why is all this effort worth it?

Quality investment at the very beginning of the recruitment process and throughout leads to long-term career/business growth. Workers are far more likely to stay at an organization where they feel they matter, as opposed to one so large that they could not conceive that they would make an impact by leaving. A personal workplace begins with the values that an organization upholds. RVIS, which helps empower small businesses, says: “having a solid morale at your office where employees respect each other and enjoy collaborating” and will “attract candidates who desire an inclusive, fun-loving but also hard working environment”.

The values of IdeasUnlimited fall directly in line with that advice. Above all else, we promote integrity, teamwork, diversity, trustworthiness, and efficiency in our culture. Our procedures consistently require that we all work together to bring the best candidates to the company for providing support services. Passing applicants through each step involves interactions to fulfill a project as team without competition. A collaborative environment creates an atmosphere where each individual has value, as opposed to receiving all of the corporate value.

It is necessary as a company to take inventory about whether the place you work at or where you are looking to work at maintains a relational, personal flair. Ask yourself: “do you feel this company is committed to helping you develop your own personal skills and work towards future opportunities to create growth?” (RVIS) A business can skate by with just meeting deadlines and fulfilling projects. However, no organization will grow or flourish without supporting its individuals to reach the next step cumulatively. Efficiency and productivity result organically from workers investing in the company and planting their talents.

IdeasUnlimited is representative of that value: it has confidence in the strengths of its workers and takes time to listen to their passions and match those goals. What makes our quality so unique is that every aspect of our company has a relational facet. Not only do we elevate those within our organization but we also place priority on ensuring the dignity of applicants: here you are more than just a form with a number. Leading career-finding resource states: “even as companies work hard to exploit every significant recruiting technology and medium, one-to-one contact remains a top differentiator”. After our recruiters scan each résumé individually, we take the time promptly and personally contact applicants, so that a report is being developed. This allows us to investigate communication styles and determine not only the qualifications but the fit of the applicant in the company. Recruitment processes are designed to determine whether both parties fit each other’s needs. And since IdeasUnlimited introduces a few different members of its Administration during said process, our applicants can get a real feel for which employees they will likely connect with.

A Human Resource news outlet PRNewswire recently posted an article surveying the efficacy of technology in the recruitment process. Fifty-one percent of participants stated that technology actually made it harder to connect with humans, with a majority (64 percent) did not believe they were equipped with the right technology to begin with. This assumes that many in Human Resources are not trained fully on utilizing the technology or they are given too much, so that their job becomes juggling resources and not focusing on resources. When we place too much trust that programs will find the right fit, we begin to erase the ‘human’ in Human Resources. Success comes from intentionally optimizing human interaction.

Efficacy of Technology in Recruitment

IdeasUnlimited utilizes technology to research personas/backgrounds, so that we can fill in the gaps on questions we have to convey a whole identity, not sign off on a checklist. You deserve to be on a team that listens to you, and at IdeasUnlimited, our way of guaranteeing that is by proving that we will see you first. Visit our Career portal and apply now to become a part of our growing global team.

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