Daily Tips for Working Remotely — The COVID-19 Edition

COVID-19 is leaving many of us no choice but to seek remote employment opportunities. It can definitely seem overwhelming, especially if you have kids at home. IdeasUnlimited has had a remote workforce for over 10 years so we are well-acquainted with the best means of ensuring productively while working from home. We have created a list of survival tips that can help make your transition a little smoother. If you’re new to this “working from home” idea, consider some of these tips to help you in your transition:

1. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline

The first tip to managing this new journey is to work on becoming disciplined, if you aren’t already. Sticking to your daily to-do list is a must! Train your mind to shut out distractions. Make a daily to-do list of your most important tasks and stick to it.

2. Location

Your new office is also an important in this new journey. Pick a location in your home where there are minimal distractions. A place where you are comfortable, and which will allow you to be productive. This location is different for everyone. While some find it crucial to work at a desk, others are more productive working outside in the patio or in the spare room in your home. This is new territory, get creative if necessary.

3. Put Your Phone Away!

While many of us need our phones for its features (calling, calendar, texting, social media marketing etc.), if you don’t need your phone, put it away! Don’t stray away from your tasks, it’s only going to make your day longer! Log out of social media and put it on vibrate for emergency calls!

4. Ask for Help (Family, Friends)

Believe it or not, living during a pandemic is unchartered territory for many of us. Let’s be honest, most of us are struggling! There’s no shame in that and there is no shame in asking for help. Whether it be a close relative, friends, your friendly neighbor, or your teenage offspring to watch your little ones. Now is the time to help each other out!

5. Stay Positive

Last but not least, stay positive! Being a “Debbie downer” won’t get you very far and it definitely won’t motivate you to stay productive. Change is hard and it’s ok to allow yourself to feel those emotions. Just remember not to dwell on those negative emotions for too long.

Don’t forget to be kind and give yourself and others some grace.

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