Call Center Representative Jobs at IdeasUnlimited

If you’re in search of physical call center representative jobs, or stay at home call center representative jobs would be a better fit for you, you’ve come to the right place. At IdeasUnlimited, we aim to match you with the project that best corresponds with your requirements and preferences, and we’re always looking to hire dedicated individuals for a steady stream of new call center representative jobs.

Physical Call Center and Remote Jobs

IdeasUnlimited’s physical call center jobs are ideal for those individuals who are able to maximize their productivity only in a physical workplace setting. Our physical call centers in General Santos and Davao, Philippines; Lahore, Pakistan, and active call center capabilities in Houston, USA cater to large-scale projects with long-term call center representative jobs.

Our smaller projects, which require greater flexibility but nevertheless provide longevity to the workers, create stay at home call center representative jobs. For these jobs, we pull on a global talent pool. It doesn’t matter where you live—as long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can apply to one of our call center agent jobs and get hired on a project.

Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support consists of integration of all customer contact channels and providing support based on that integration. IdeasUnlimited call center representatives provide omnichannel support to clients. Omnichannel support is the way forward for the customer service provider industry.

Call center representative jobs at IdeasUnlimited constitute different sets of channels that needs to be handled by the representatives. They range from social media, text, email and chat support, to phone support. Extensive training is provided once you get hired on a project, so that you are aware of standard operating procedures and metrics. While prior customer service experience in omnichannel support is a plus, it is not necessary—our physical call center representative jobs and stay at home call center representative jobs are open to anyone willing to learn and work hard.

Types of Call Center Representative Jobs

At IdeasUnlimited, we have several kinds of physical call center representative jobs and stay at home call center representative jobs which might suit you.

Customer Support

Whether over phone, chat, or email, or a combination of all three, these jobs consist of helping the customer with questions regarding the client product or service.

Technical Support

These jobs entail troubleshooting for all kinds of problems and implementing customized IT solutions to meet the client’s support requirements.

Sales support

These call center representative jobs focus on increasing sales and lead generation; through calls, email marketing campaigns, and digital marketing efforts.

Ecommerce Support

This umbrella support term encompasses several types of support: it constitutes customer management, product, inventory and sales management, data management, website and social media management, and any other support services required by the client.

Order Processing Support

Order processing support consists of helping client orders be processed through websites, social media, calls, or any channel through which orders come in. This type of job, like most others on this page, is also a type of stay at home call center representative jobs, since all the representative needs is a good internet connection, a computer, and a quiet place to work in. So you can either work at an IU call center or from home.

Order Fulfillment Support

The next step of the order process—order fulfillment—can also be part of our call center representative jobs. This type of support ensures that the ordered product or service is delivered in a timely manner to the customer.

Social Media Management

Support jobs like this require the call center representative to handle social media postings, customer questions and answers etc. for the client.

All the above are both physical call center representative jobs as well as stay at home call center representative jobs—you just need the correct set up for the project you get.

Platforms and Technology Used at IdeasUnlimited

All physical call center representative jobs and stay at home call center representative jobs require technological assistance. At IdeasUnlimited, we use industry-standard call center VoIPs, ticketing platforms, social media management tools, CRMs, and equipment. Each project has its own technology and platform specifications. We ensure that our workers have access to and are trained on all the tools and software applications required for their respective projects.

Apply to Call Center Representative Jobs at IdeasUnlimited

With the breadth of call center representative jobs available at IdeasUnlimited, you are sure to find a job that seems tailor-made for you. We have jobs both for those who wish to work at our physical centers and as part of our remote team.

Check out our job vacancies, or add your profile to our Talent Community so you will be contacted first whenever any job becomes available.