Call Center Agent at IdeasUnlimited

IdeasUnlimited provides support services to wide range of clients ranging from fledgling start-ups to multinational conglomerates. We provide a variety of managed business solutions tailored to fit their unique business requirements.

Call center support services form an integral part of our repertoire and hiring the call center agent is an essential part of the process. Since a call center agent can have a very versatile skillset and provide a variety of support services, we place great importance on the hiring, training, and management of our call center workers.

We would love to have you join our family as a call center agent if you have the dedication, passion, and strong English skills required. Our workforce comprises of people from diverse backgrounds, and that is one of our greatest strengths. We do not discriminate against anyone and make certain we provide equal representation and fair opportunities to everyone. So do not hesitate to apply.

Our Call Center Locations

We currently have 4 active call centers: three in the Philippines with 150 active seats and one in Pakistan with 25 active seats. We are also licensed and equipped to open one in Houston, Texas. If you live in the areas listed below or are willing to re-locate, you can apply to work at our physical call centers and learn from our managers in-person.

General Santos,

Davao, Philippines

Lahore, Pakistan

Houston, Texas

We provide all the hardware and software requirements of the project, cover all the overheads, and provide management support. Our quality assurance team will assist you in completing project deliverables in the best possible manner. They will also provide any additional on-the-job training required to improve your performance as a call center agent. Working at our call center, you will learn from your colleagues and work with others who can assist you in your tasks.

We are proud of the fact that each IU call center agent considers our call center team as their second family. Our call center culture creates an extended IU Family, where every agent is cared for, assisted in skill development, and provided the most suitable environment for professional advancement.

IdeasUnlimited call center agent collage

If working from home is more feasible for you, you can also apply for a job as a remote call center agent.

Call Center Agent Jobs

Becoming part of the IU Family will unlock a vista of future career growth, financial success, and professional advancement for you. We value each and every call center agent for their skill and hard work in their job. As an IU call center agent, you can do any one or more of the following jobs:





Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Order Processing

Ecommerce Support

Bilingual Support

Social Media Support

Billing & Collections

Answering Service

Administrative Support

Survey & Market Research

Webinar Hosting

Other Services

Bilingual support is also in high demand, so if you are bilingual, you could be a perfect fit! You can join us as a bilingual or multilingual call center agent if you speak two or more of the following languages:
























































Other (Please Specify)


Our Call Center Agents’ Testimonials

Our workforce knows how much they are appreciated, and it directly influences their job performance, happiness, and overall satisfaction with IdeasUnlimited. You’ll find some of their testimonials below to judge for yourself:

Working for IU for 5 fruitful years has always been my pleasure. I have been blessed tremendously, and I was able to share the blessings with my loved ones. I am very thankful that I am given the opportunity to help people to be employed and inspire them to work hard and always be excellent. I have nothing but good words for IU, I'm looking forward to more productive years.


Thank you IdeasUnlimited! Today marks the 1st year that I've been with IdeasUnlimited. Thank you for accepting a fresh graduate without any prior work experience and believing that I will be an asset for our company. To all the great people I've met and worked with, thank you! It's been a wild, wonderful ride and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I feel so fortunate to have a job at IdeasUnlimited that I thoroughly enjoy. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and foresee a future full of possibility and excitement. I promise to work hard to maintain the confidence and trust you have shown in me. Looking forward to begin this grand new adventure. Thank you!


I started as a Virtual Assistant one year ago with IdeasUnlimited. Last year I didn't have the courage to work online and by the guidance of our Almighty God, I stepped out of my comfort zone and looked for another opportunity. I am a working Mom and a Team Leader now. After acquiring my degree in 2013, I worked for two different companies and I found myself happy. But by the time that I have worked with IdeasUnlimited I can say has been the happiest and most progressive moment in my career life. IdeasUnlimited unleashed the best version in me and made me realize that it's possible to balance my personal and my work life. I super love and cherish IdeasUnlimited. Thank you, Nick and Allena, for the continued support and for the opportunities that you've shared with me and my colleagues.


I would like to thank IU for giving me the opportunity and seeing me as one of the assets of the company, allowing me to step up and improve more. I am still looking forward for more years to come with this company.


The prospect of working at an office closer to my home has always been my ideal lifestyle. Though ideal, this does come with its share of uncertainties, especially when you consider that you don't personally know the client you're devoting your precious time to. IU has provided me a sense of security, which enables me to provide the best service I can while knowing that all my work won't be in vain. They've assisted me in realizing my ideal work environment, which in turn inspires me to do my best at the tasks I'm assigned to. Thank you, IU.


Working at Ideas Unlimited is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I enjoy being able to work in the comfort of my home and receive decent compensation. At the same time, I am able to take care of my family. I am thankful because Nick has been very patient with me and helped me enhance my potential to lead. IdeasUnlimited opened doors of opportunity not only for me but also for other skilled and talented individuals in my community. May God continue to bless Nick and his staff and continue to help create jobs all over the world especially in third world countries like ours.


I found my dream job with IdeasUnlimited. I've been with several BPO companies in the past. I was happy with those companies but it was with IdeasUnlimited that I found my dream job. I was given a chance to manage our small but growing office under the umbrella of IdeasUnlimited. It is an overwhelming feeling every time we see growth in numbers and development in employees' career. We share ideas and successes. We celebrate promotions. We overcome failures and give recognition. We surpass challenges. We work as one. The best part of my job is I can also unleash my artistic side whenever we have activities and events. I am just grateful for the opportunity and will continue to work on improving my capabilities. Thank you, IdeasUnlimited!


Being in IU for over 5 years now is something I'll always be grateful for. To be a hands-on parent while being successful in your career is not easy...but the support and appreciation that I got from IU from the beginning until now is just beyond my expectations. They made me grow, persevere, and succeed in my online career. I'm thankful and will always be a proud member of IU!


I have been with IdeasUnlimited for 6 months now. In the past 10 years of working in different industries, I have never been this satisfied with my job. IdeasUnlimited has given me the opportunity to not just work with them but also grow with them. After the longest time, I have found a company that values their employees more than anything else. I am happy to be part of this family and I am looking forward to more success with them.


For many years, I've worked abroad. Being a single mom, it was hard for me to be away from home, especially from my kids, but I had no choice because there were no job opportunities here in my hometown.
But then I found IdeasUnlimited through a friend, and I was so happy. Not only am I able to work close to my home and be here for my kids, at the same time, I am able to work on a job that fits my skillset.
Being the breadwinner, I am able to provide for my family, and most of all, I am able to give them my time. This is why I am so grateful that I found IdeasUnlimited.


I am beyond grateful to be part of IU. I recommend this to my friends and family. They treat employees as family members. IU is the best. I worked in a city which is 8 hours away from home for 3 years and get to see my family once a month or once every 2 months. But when I met IU, I am now only less than an hour away from my family and I get to see them everyday. I am able to support my family's needs without going somewhere far. I am able to earn without so much pressure and stress. The people I work with are professional yet friendly. These are just a few of the million reasons why I am grateful. Thank you, IU. 😘


Find out more about why you should work at our call center by reviewing the Benefits of Working at IdeasUnlimited.

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